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Astrophysics in the Canary Islands officially began in 1964 with the first telescope operating at the Teide Observatory, whose current research concentration is on solar observations and robotic astronomy. Along with Chile and Hawaii, the Canary Islands are among the three best places on Earth to stargaze. The best European solar telescopes are concentrated at the Teide Observatory, which is home to the largest solar observatory in the world and is situated at an altitude of 2,390 meters. The largest solar observatory in the world contains three regions: one for solar telescopes, one for microwave telescopes, and one for nocturnal telescopes.

Tenerife is frequently referred to as a fortunate island due to its climate. But there are other factors that make it fortunate. For instance, 83 of the 88 officially recognized constellations can be seen from Mount Teide. How is it possible to see so many constellations from Mount Teide Observatory, you may wonder? Because nowhere else compares to Tenerife's mountain tops for star gazing. Additionally, the Teide is the ideal location in Tenerife to observe the stars without being disturbed by light pollution from the island's cities. Using celestial objects, you can find your way around and enjoy identifying the Greek mythological components that are concealed behind the constellations and their relations.

Why Book Mount Teide Observatory Tour?

  • You can get a peek at Teide's breathtaking natural splendor thanks to this enchanted tour.
  • Combining a romantic sunset experience and a stargazing excursion will help you make the most of your stay in Tenerife.
  • So that you don't get lost, explore the spectacular Mount Teide National Park with a guide.
  • You are served a glass of Cava and breathtaking views at sunset.
  • As dusk sets, observe the fascinating star constellations as your guide comments on how the night sky is mapped.

Available Mount Teide Observatory Tours

On this guided tour of the renowned Teide Observatory, explore the fascinating world of astronomy and the sky. Climb the tallest peak in Spain to see the world's biggest sun observatory. A professional guide will take you on a tour of the region while teaching you more about the significance of the sky in the Canary Islands, the observatory's remarkable telescopes, and the activities and initiatives of the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics. Let's take a deeper peek inside the nocturnal telescope and the incredible Mount Teide Observatory Tours.

Guided daytime visit to the Teide Observatory

You will learn about the significance of the sky in the Canary Islands, the telescopes at the Teide Observatory, and the various projects run by the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics, which is the organization in charge of running this solar observatory.At the visitor centre, you will take part in an astrophysics workshop where the experts will describe what astrophysics is and how astrophysicists do their jobs. Two solar telescopes will be available for you to use in order to fully appreciate seeing sunspots and solar flares. You will investigate a nighttime telescope's inside and remain there until you are familiar with its workings and its fascinating past.

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Guided visit of the Teide Observatory for families

You and your loved ones will learn about the significance of the Canary Islands' sky, the Teide Observatory telescopes, and the various initiatives of the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics. Astrophysicists from the Teide Observatory will explain what astrophysics is in a fun and engaging way, and you and your kids can take part in an enjoyable activity that is being held in the visitors' centre. When you learn how the nocturnal telescope functions and learn the amazing background of each of its components, your entire family will share the same sense of awe.

Mount Teide Observatory Guided Tour

A 1.5-hour tour of the Mount Teide Observatory atop Spain's tallest mountain will teach you how an observatory operates while introducing you to one of the world's highest volcanoes. Watch a brief film on the Canary Islands' sky after learning about the observatory's many sections, and then discover how the telescopes operate at night. Then, an astronomy professional will explain astrophysics and describe its principles. Use two different telescopes to watch the sun; one to find sunspots and the other to spot solar flares. Enter a professional scope to learn about its past and how it functions.

Mount Teide Observatory Astronomical Tour

Utilizing top-notch equipment, indulge your love of astronomy and the night sky by stargazing on Mount Teide. Visit the largest solar observatory in the world in the late afternoon, then take in an amazing sunset from atop a volcanic mountain before succumbing to the allure of Tenerife's starry night sky. The only tour that includes a guided tour of Teide Observatory allows visitors to experience the volcanic beauty and scientific side of this lovely island. Take advantage of the observatory's knowledgeable guides as you explore one of the world's top 3 stargazing locations!

Mount Teide Hike with Observatory Tour in Tenerife

On the Mount Teide Observatory tour, discover its hidden corners and one of the most popular national parks in the world! On this journey, you'll get a closer look at Mount Teide and the places where the soaring Canarian pines grow by going deep into the Teide National Park. Admire Tenerife's spectacular volcanic landscapes and its intriguing juxtaposition of rivers of petrified lava and craters. Your tour guide can teach you about astronomy while you take in the grandeur of space. As you visit solar and nocturnal telescopes before the trip is done, learn about the observatory's significance in studying and keeping track of solar activity. Take advantage of this incredible day to unleash your inner wanderer and astronomer!

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Mount Teide Observatory Tours FAQs

Do we have to book in advance for the Mount Teide Observatory Tour?

Yes, you have to book in advance for the Mount Teide Observatory Tour because the slots are limited. You can book your tour visit online.

What is the minimum age required to book a Mount Teide Observatory Tour?

The minimum age required is eight or above due to the complexity of the subjects addressed at the Mount Teide Observatory Tour.

What is the best time to experience Mount teide observatory tour?

The best time to experience the Mount Teide Observatory Tour is 30 minutes before your scheduled arrival time so that you get a hassle-free tour service.

What is special about Mount Tiede Observatory?

One of the most popular national parks on earth! The highest peak in Spain, Mount Teide, is 3,718 meters high and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The last eruption occurred in 1909, and it is still active today. You also get to learn about the world's largest solar observatory.

Where is Mount Tiede Observatory?

Mount Tiede Observatory is located at Av. Juan Carlos I, 24, 38650 Los Cristianos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

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