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About Mount Teide

The Mount Teide Tours lets you climb one of Spain's highest points above sea level in the Atlantic islands. Mount Teide is commonly known as Teide and it is an active Volcano in Tenerife in the islands of Canary, Spain. The Teide is considered the third highest and tallest volcano in the world. At the Mount Teide Tours, you can learn about the history of Mount Teide which can be traced 170,000 years back when the volcano was formed. You will also get to visit the Teide national park during your Mount Teide Tours, which is spread over an area of approximately 18,900 hectares. In 2007, by UNESCO, the park was named a world heritage site. Mount Teide is one of the most visited places in Spain, and people find it convenient to book Mount Teide Tours for a better experience and guided assistance. The Teide last erupted in 1909; since then, this active volcano has been a safer place for tourists.

Highlights Of Mount Teide

  • The region has been formed by volcanic activity. You will see various volcanic craters that attract many tourists around the globe every year.
  • Mount Teide tours will show that Teide has an abundance of Tenerife, which offers a spectacular view of nature. Excursions of Tenerife can be done using modern techniques like cable cars, night tours, Teide crater tours, and walking on foot through VIP access. You can choose your view of Mount Teide tours by selecting modes for meeting your travel needs.
  • Cable Cars are very popular as they provide an overall tour of the mount, while the prices of tickets will vary. For instance, if VIP access to the Mount Teide tours is chosen, the ticket price will be higher. Night tours and Stargazing excursions are very popular, making us closer to nature and owing to its location being the highest point in Spain.
  • The main highlight of Mount Teide is its shadow on the sea spread over 40 kms. The shadow depicts the perfect triangle shape of the mountain; hence cable cars help to capture the view more effectively and prominently.

Available Mount Teide Tours

Mount Teide tours can be done in various ways, as you can opt for different packages. For example, you can choose Mount Teide Tour With Cable Car Tickets, Mount Teide Night Tour, Climbing The Teide Crater + Cable Car, or the Astronomic tour to Teide, including a visit to the Observatory to have a great Tour of Mount Teide.

Mount Teide Tour With Cable Car Tickets

This package is great as it has all you might need on your Mount Teide tours. If you choose this package, you can select cable cars for exploring the beautiful place. You will be able to visit the Teide National Park and have a great scenic view as you move towards the peak. This is one of the most sustainable ways to take a tour of Teide.You also get an official guide who can speak various languages like English, Spanish, French and German. Sustainable transport is provided so you can visit from north to south and enjoy the beauty of this place with Mount Teide tours.

Mount Teide Night Tour

When you choose this package, you select a completely different experience that tourists might have in the daytime. Because visiting the Tiede at night has many more things to do, like you get to gaze at the beautiful stars with professional equipment. You will also get to learn about the mysteries of the sky through our astronomical guides. The amazing tour ends on a perfect note as you get to witness the sunrise from the Teide National park. In such Mount Teide tours, you will have a round-trip transportation facility and professional guides who are experts in French, German, Spanish and English.

Climbing The Teide Crater + Cable Car

This package will help you reach the peak of the highest mountain in Spain. In this Tour of Mount Teide, you can reach the height of 12,188 and enjoy the scenic view of the Teide National Park and the Canary Island. You will also get a a guide who is fluent in English, Spanish, German and French. Along with all these facilities, you can get the facility transfer from north to south and enjoy a return ticket of the cable car.

Astronomic tour to Teide, including a visit to the Observatory

In this Mount Teide tour, you will get a chance to get a closer look at an active volcano. This package includes more than you might be looking for in a tour to Mount Teide.

Flora And Fauna At Mount Teide

A tour of mount Teide will expose you to natural beauty and inexperienced flora. The soil layer is thin and rich in minerals and nutrients. The island is home to more than 138 species of plants out of which 33 are endemic. Since the region has many active volcanoes, the forest covers half of the volcanic formations.The plant species here include Canary Island Pine and Canary Island Juniper, which extend over 1,000 to 2000 meters. The native flora of Mount Teide would consist of white broom, crucifers that yield yellow flowers, Wallflower, which grows in violet colors, and Teide Bugloss, which extends into red flowers.
Daisies are also found in Teide at altitudes closer to 3600 meters. Violet Teide is one of the highest plants that flowers in Spain. The plants are habitual to extreme weather conditions like very high altitude, intense sunlight, temperature, insufficient moisture, etc. The exposed leaves take downy forms or cover the outer area with wax-like pigment that helps to protect the plantation. The park is also home to a large number of animal species, many of which are endemic. Some of the most common species found here are Dipterans, Hemipterans, Spiders, Hymenoptera and Beetles. There is a limited variety if Vertebrate fauna at the Teide National Park including Blue Chaffinch, Berthelot’s Pipit, Atlantic Canary,

Mount Teide Tours FAQs

Do we have to book in advance for Mount Teide tours?

Mount Teide Tours is very popular so it has a limited permit to safeguard the environment. Hence, you must book the tour in advance, so your planned vacation is not wasted. Although, you have an alternative as well, for which you will require a summit permit for the Tour of Mount Teide. Remember, the area has many active volcanoes. Hence, your tour must be guided and approved with a summit permit.

What is the best time to experience the Mount Teide Tours?

The best time to make a Tour of Mount Teide will be between April and October as the weather at this time is humid and not too cold or hot. The temperature in these months is between 64 F and 71 F; hence, it will be easier to travel on foot. You must visit on Monday, Friday and Saturday from midday to evening at 4.00. Since it is located at a height from sea level, thus, you must carry a warm jacket with you during Mount Teide Tours.

What is the minimum age required to book Mount Teide tours?

On a tour of Mount Teide, children are allowed along with the adults. Although, the age of a child should not be below 3 years. Thus, the minimum age would be 3 years. For booking a cable car, the minimum age is 3 years, while your child must be over eight years old if you want to visit Teide observation.

How long does it take to walk up Mount Teide?

The walk or time of reach in Mount Teide Tours highly depends on your mode. If you are walking from Montana Blanca, it may take more than five hours to reach. On the other hand, if you are taking cable cars towards a specific point and then walking, you might not take more than 1- 2 hours. If you want to climb the mountain, you should take a permit in advance.

How long is the cable car ride on Mount Teide?

The lower station of cable cars is usually reached by road. Mount Teide Tour is equipped with cabins that hold more than 40 passengers. You can get to the top in just eight minutes using the cable car. The price varies for residents, children, adults and children, and non-residents. They're not more than two cabins in the area, which stretches 43 kms from the south. Hiking footwear and wind jacket are a must.

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